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Mission and values

Emerald North State School is committed to being a leader in education, innovation, collaboration and achievement.

We nurture our students’ potential and thrive as an organisation, have a clear focus with an eye on the future. This statement of purpose outlines the long-term destination for Emerald North State School and provides us with a roadmap for continued improvement and success.

Our purpose is two fold:

  1. To maximise each child at Emerald North State School’s potential as a lifelong learner.
  2. To enable them to be socially responsible and positively motivated members of society.

Our mission

'To maximise each individual’s potential as a lifelong learner.'

Our values

Emerald North has a balanced philosophy where learners and teachers work together to ensure that every day in every classroom, every student is learning and achieving.

  • Every person has the right to feel safe, happy and valued.
  • Everyone has the responsibility of contributing to the continued development of our school and its children by ensuring that each individual’s practices are the best they can be, that all practices and programs are designed to ensure the best possible outcomes for our children and that everyone accepts responsibility for their actions.

We believe in:

  • Living out our school motto 'Forever Our Best' in every facet of school life.
  • Developing quality curriculum programs that are responsive to the needs of our children.
  • Curriculum delivery which reflects the C2C (Australian Curriculum) and engages children resulting in deep learning.
  • Promoting the home/school partnership.