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An extensive review of our homework policy shows that our community values homework and prefers a model of homework that is:

  • balanced with often busy home lives and the need to continue learning outside the school, particularly of core skills such as reading, number facts and spelling
  • aligned to learning being done in the classroom
  • adjusted to suit individual students’ capabilities so that they are able to complete their work independent of adult supervision
  • monitored by the class teacher

Additionally, our community has expressed strong requests for optional extension work and other engaging homework activities to be available.

Such a model clearly aligns to the current Department of Education Homework Policy. This policy also articulates the maximum amount of homework Queensland State School students should be expected to do:

  • Years P – 3 could be up to but generally not more than one hour per week.
  • Years 4 and 5 could be up to but generally not more than two to three hours per week.
  • Years 6 could be up to but generally not more than three to four hours per week.

Each term, students will be organised in class with a homework book/folder. All work should be completed where possible in the student’s homework book and returned to school on the specified day, for monitoring and feedback. Testing of weekly number fact and spelling knowledge will be a strong indicator of whether or not homework is adequate for individual students.

Reading, number facts and spelling

Compulsory homework for all students will be done in reading, number facts and spelling.


Students need to practise reading for fluency, expression and understanding of vocabulary.

  • P-3 students are required to read for 15-20 minutes each night as part of their homework.

  • Students in Years 4-6 are required to read for 20 minutes each night.

  • Early Years students have readers selected from the school’s book kits, while upper years students and early years extension learners are assisted by their class teacher.

We strongly recommend the use of Reading Eggs at home, to support their success in reading. Teachers and parents record books read on their ‘Read With Me’ club sheet.  These records can be kept with the homework book.

Number facts

Students are given number facts to practice each week.


Weekly overviews for the term of year level core spelling words to practise and know are provided. Students may also be required to add personal or unit words to their list during the term. These are words that they may have encountered in work over the week and have been identified as words in need of knowing.  



Homework Calendar

Download the 2015/16 homework calendar and keep up-to-date with key dates and school holidays